the “passing on” of a mouse…

the “passing on” of a mouse…

or 2 or 3 or 4 or more.

it was a process…

step 1…denial.
its not really a mouse i have in my house.
maybe i didn’t really hear it running
around or eating my m&ms on the table.

step 2…discovery.
oh! m&ms are missing out of the dish.
some crumbs are along side the dish.
well….maybe there is a mouse.

step 3…negotiations.
between the mouse and myself.
“if you stay..i’m going to have to cause
great bodily harm…and i don’t want to.
if you stay…you understand you will be
comitting suicide.”

step 4…waiting & more denial mixed in with more
negotiations….not to mention wishful
thinking on my part…i’ve never set a trap before.

step 5…visual siting.
mouse running across my counter.
this is not OK. continued negotiations.
i’m a tree hugger. i respect all life. i don’t
want to kill you. you really need to go.

step 6…blatent rebellions.
a 1/2 hour later the mouse is now hopping
in & out of my garbage can 3 ft from me
while i am watching…3 times.

step 7…acceptance.
a trip to the hardware store for traps.

step 8…the “passing on” of a mouse.

from the book of everydal life…

the “passing on” of a mouse… by Pamela Fillhouer · 365 Project.


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