when my hands…

when my hands…

were in Lorraine’s sink.

a 90+ year old feisty client of mine several years ago.  she smoked like a chimney.  wore jewelry that weighed more than her.  and told me like it was every…single…day I was with her.  she questioned EVERYTHING I said or did.

she was a favorite of mine : )

the sink project…stories with my clients.

from the book of everyday life…

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actually…somewhere in the warehouse district which is part of downtown.

on my bucket list… to speak spanish fluently.

1st night of spanish class tonite…in the building on the right.

LOVE driving & walking around downtown! it reminds me of when I 1st moved to the twin cities 20+ some years ago. I was FEARLESS and went downtown as often as I could. it will be fun going into the city for the next 10 weeks.


i had to dig DEEP into my archives to remember the spanish i learned almost 30 years ago. my memory is a bit foggy…but i can hardly wait to return next week!

from the book of everyday life…

Source: downtown… by Pamela Fillhouer · 365 Project


badlands south dakota


he year

taking risks
more travel

my baby graduated & moved out
job changes
more travel

and a
health scare.

but mostly a year of appreciation and love for
life…my life…our life…all life.

happy new year’s eve!

from the book of everyday life…

2014… by Pamela Fillhouer · 365 Project.